Prime Residential
rental strategy

Target geography
Property type
Value add
Investment profile
Medium term
Target duration

Strategy details

Value-add strategy to invest in high yielding prime residential assets in the most attractive European gateway cities - starting in Spain.

Value creation is driven by careful selection of optimal assets, standardized refurbishment, and intensive rental management targeting short term stays.

Targeting assets in the most liquid, in-demand submarkets benefiting from recovering tourism and the record pricing of hotel stays. Meanwhile, the investment basis is protected by buying and refurbishing at attractive values relative to prime residential assets in Europe’s largest cities.

Robust, diversified demand

Recovery and resiliency of the hospitality sector post Covid is driving the growth of short-term stay apartments, meanwhile the growth in medium-term stay residences provides lucrative rental optionality

Strong supply fundamentals

The ongoing housing supply shortage coupled with increased foreign buyer interest in prime residential assets provides added liquidity and security

Risk adjusted returns

Generating attractive, value add risk adjusted returns through careful asset selection, asset repositioning, and professional rental operations

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